Cashmere has become a must have wardrobe staple, with the uber-trendy styles this season. It continues to be our bestseller and has become “transitional” knitwear, being able to be worn both in cold or warm weather. It flows, and is an effortless piece of clothing. We have some new styles this season: the new RIB tunic on page 46 is wonderful to pull over on a cool summer day. Completely NEW to us is the STRIPE jumper on page 36. All our existing styles are still available.

All our cashmere is made in Inner Mongolia. It comes in one size only, is machine washable (see swing tag on page 3 with further details) and available in 30 different colours. We are also able to offer a “bespoke” collection with your own label either to your own design or ours, sized to your specifications. Please contact us for further details.